My New Webcomic: Toki no Tanaka

I’ve been kind of neglecting this blog this month, and for that, I apologise. But there is a reason, I have been very busy setting up a website of my own to host my brand spanking new webcomic, Toki no Tanaka; which can be visited at (please visit). I launched it properly just over a week ago and four pages have already been posted thus far.

If you’re worried about what you might be getting yourself into after clicking that link, allow to explain. Toki no Tanaka is a comedic episodic series (the comic is to be split into different self-contained “episodes” of thirty pages a piece) set in the fictional Yakushi Town in Japan that follows the escapades of the Tanaka family: mother Himiko, teenage son Satoru and younger daughter Sakura (the father is away on business). Expect bright colours, thick outlines and a slew of references to Japanese pop-culture (particularly Nintendo games). If you’re still unsure, here’s a sample:

Not a full page.

What’d you think? Good? Then why not click that convenient link I provided and give the rest of it a try? And if you didn’t like it, why not do that anyway? The rest of it might surprise you, after all. Here, I’ll even provide another link here, set at the first page so you can easily start at the beginning. There, you now have no reason not to check it out.

And for anyone that might be wondering. Yes, this pretty much counts as the death knell for Road to Nowhere, although, to be fair, it was pretty well deceased already anyway. Oh well, it had a good (if short) run.


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