EarthBound Manga Translation Inbound

0mother 2 manga coverI’m going to be attempting to translate this Mother 2/EarthBound manga I got hold of ages ago and posting the newly-English strips to this blog. It’s all four-panel gag comics based on the game, mostly black-and-white but with a bunch of full-colour strips at the start. Here’s the back cover and some more art from inside the book to whet your appetite!

1mother 2 manga back cover

1mother 2 manga inside cover

2mother 2 manga contents art


After leaving this blog abandoned for many moons, I’ve decided to wipe the slate clean and start afresh. All the old posts are now gone and this site is going to be reborn purely as another place to post my ongoing content. That means future comic pages, story snippets, et al will now be uploaded to this stream, starting with tomorrow’s new Ladies-in-Waiting strip. Enjoy!